Insurance & Payment

Please contact me for more information if what you're looking for isn't covered here already. I am happy to discuss with you any concerns you have about payment, insurance, and billing.

Self-Pay Rate: $90 per session

Cancellation Policy: I don't charge for missed appointments or cancellations, however therapy may terminate or I may refer you elsewhere if attendance becomes a recurring problem. With that said, I will meet you where you are at as best I can. After two missed appointments or late cancellations, I may discuss with you whether it makes sense to both of us to proceed working together. If it makes more sense to take a short break and revisit the idea of therapy a bit later, that might be an option, along with the option of a referral to another therapist, or to wrap up therapy for now.

Timing is everything when it comes to therapy, and sometimes it's just not the right moment to be in therapy. If you start therapy with me but discover the timing isn't good after all, we can always pause and come back to the work together later. We'll do what is in your best interest.

Insurances Accepted as an In-Network Provider:

  • Blue Cross / Blue Shield (all State / Federal plans and private plans)

    • *Blue Value, an HMO plan on the North Carolina ACA State Exchange, does not consider me an In-Network provider. This is because I am a PPO provider for BCBS, meaning I can accept most major group plans and private plans, but because I am not part of the Blue Value HMO's limited network of providers, who accept a lower rate in exchange for inclusion on the insurance plan, I cannot bill the Blue Value plan as an in-network provider.

  • United Healthcare, United Behavioral Health, & UMR

Insurances I am familiar working with as an Out-of-Network Provider:

  • Aetna

  • Cigna


  • *Blue Value (see note above on Blue Value, a BCBS HMO plan in the State of North Carolina)

You may have an insurance plan not listed above, such as Tricare, Medicare, Medicaid, and other public or private plans. In such a case, I am happy to work with you and research a little about billing your insurance company for your therapy with me. Please contact me if you have questions or concerns about your particular insurance plan.

Please note that, with all insurance plans, there is no guarantee of reimbursement. In the case of Out-of-network plans, I bill you for my full fee and work with you to help you submit -- or I will submit on your behalf -- paperwork for reimbursement.

Co-Pays/Co-Insurance Payments/Self-Pay Payments are always due the day of your appointment.


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My office has moved since Oct. 1, 2016

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You can use the below form to send me a message, ask me a question, or to request an appointment time. If you're requesting an appointment, please include 2 or 3 preferred dates/times in case your first option is not available. My general availability can be found just to the right, above the Google Map.

All messages will be sent to my private, professional email address. While this is a secure and safe way to communicate, it is electronic in nature, which carries some risk greater than communicating in-person. If you need to share particularly personal details with me, I would advise you to wait to do so over the phone or in-person. With that said, I will certainly respond to your message even if it contains personal details.